Kindle vs Kobo

As much as Kindle has been the leader in the e-reader market, there has emerged a rival named Kobo. However, we can’t just compare them directly as the usefulness of the items depends on who is searching content and what they are searching for. Kindle has been boasting of high sales in the UK especially when it’s Christmas, this is probably an attribute to the regarding culture of the UK people. Since the emerging of the rival Kobo, kindle has been pondering on ways to counter attack and this will; most likely result in the reduced regulation of user content as well as the reduction of user fee and costs. The two eBook leaders have a hard time in facing off the competition for each other.

Comparison on pricing between kindle and kobo

Just like any other type of purchase, most people will really look at the prices between the two eBook readers before they choose which one will best suit them. On a ground analysis, the most recent kindle form Amazon that is Wi-Fi enabled costs 89 British pounds, this is subject to discounting by use of a Tesco discount code. On the other hand, a standard kobo is slightly cheaper at approximately 70 British pounds; you can find cheap ones in some places like Asda where they are retailed for as low as 59 British pounds

Comparison of their storage capacity

A standard kindle has the capacity to store around 1,400 books while a standard Kobo has the capacity to store 1,00 books. However, you can expand the Kobo’s memory up to 32GB which may offer you storage for more that 10,000 books, on the other hand, the kindle does not have a space for expansion of memory based on the fact that, it is rare for one to have need for such a high number of books.

Free eBooks found on Amazon and Kobo

You can download and read a wide variety of books form both the Amazon and Kobo websites as well as form a series of other websites free of charge. This will allow access to books which is a reason for rejoicing even if you are always broke. Kobo has been loaded with one hundred novels along with the purchase of the gadget.

Other books supported by the Kindle and Kobo

If you need the latest version of Kinsella and Grisham bestseller, keep in mind that getting them form Amazon will be much cheaper than Kobo and will get quite q large number of excellent releases as they have been well priced for your affordability, make a good comparison of any book before you purchase it

Amazon has more restriction that Kobo

Amazon has several restrictions on the downloaded content where you will need more time in converting their files to readable formats especially if you buy them for their well known kindle store. They are downloaded in the form of AZW files; on the other hand, Amazon has restrictions on the Pub file usage. Ironically, quite a number of the free books on the internet are ePub format which means you will need to purchase so as to enjoy the kindle. Kobo has no such restrictions.

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