Amazon Kindle, Perfect Gift idea for Family and Friends

Kindle for Mother’s Day

The kindle can be a nice gift for your mother, with the kindle, she can a get access to a wide range books, magazines, newspapers and other favorite content. It will be one of the perfect ways to spend time wisely. This time round give it a try.

Kindle eBook the ideal gift idea

Most people like getting surprise gifts; one of the most unexpected gifts that you can ever give a person is the kindle. It is a small gift that will be of a lifetime that will offer them the access to eBooks hassle free.

Giving out a Kindle Case, Cover or Sleeve

We have various types of covers for your kindle as well as cases. To suit you best, kindle has come up with a series cases and sleeves that will be perfect gift for your loved one. A case will offer maximum protection for your kindle and protect it from any lose in shape from mechanical impacts. The cases that are resistant to water will be free form any entry of water as most of the waterproof cases are slid into waterproof covers. Kindle three has various versions that suit all their users best.

Chargers for the I-Go Kindle 3

Kindle 3 has a very long battery life but there is need to carry an extra battery along with you, this will give you an assurance for using the kindle all through. The kindle is usually charged by use of a USB, buying a charger for your lovely ones is a great way of bringing the joy back into their life as it will be essential in the charging of their batteries especially when they cannot access a USB port to charge from. The charger can be kept at home, in the office or even carried along in a traveler bag.

A universal charger for all the kindles is sold out for around $25, you will have to use it along with a Kindle 3tip that goes for 48.

Kindle 3 Reading Light

Kindle covers for the Amazon and M-have been enabled with light emitting diodes that draw power form the kindle battery, this is another great gift that will take your loved ones by surprise. However, the kindle light for reading will be of little essence compared to the former versions
Since the introduction of the first generation kindle, there has been high quality Mighty Bright light that are used for reading in conditions where the light is very low as the kindle screen does not have a backlight for illumination of the screen like say, a cell phone. Mighty Bright Lights have a very long life, this is a perfect light that does not spread out to cause disturbance to a person next to you.

Kindle 3 Screen protectors, Skins and Decals

Just like the case for laptops, the Kindle can be customized with excellent quality themes that appear so good to the readers. Giving your loved one a screen protector is one of the best things you can ever do to them as it will ensure that their kindle screen lasts long enough, always give it alongside a kindle skin.

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Kindle vs Kobo

As much as Kindle has been the leader in the e-reader market, there has emerged a rival named Kobo. However, we can’t just compare them directly as the usefulness of the items depends on who is searching content and what they are searching for. Kindle has been boasting of high sales in the UK especially when it’s Christmas, this is probably an attribute to the regarding culture of the UK people. Since the emerging of the rival Kobo, kindle has been pondering on ways to counter attack and this will; most likely result in the reduced regulation of user content as well as the reduction of user fee and costs. The two eBook leaders have a hard time in facing off the competition for each other.

Comparison on pricing between kindle and kobo

Just like any other type of purchase, most people will really look at the prices between the two eBook readers before they choose which one will best suit them. On a ground analysis, the most recent kindle form Amazon that is Wi-Fi enabled costs 89 British pounds, this is subject to discounting by use of a Tesco discount code. On the other hand, a standard kobo is slightly cheaper at approximately 70 British pounds; you can find cheap ones in some places like Asda where they are retailed for as low as 59 British pounds

Comparison of their storage capacity

A standard kindle has the capacity to store around 1,400 books while a standard Kobo has the capacity to store 1,00 books. However, you can expand the Kobo’s memory up to 32GB which may offer you storage for more that 10,000 books, on the other hand, the kindle does not have a space for expansion of memory based on the fact that, it is rare for one to have need for such a high number of books.

Free eBooks found on Amazon and Kobo

You can download and read a wide variety of books form both the Amazon and Kobo websites as well as form a series of other websites free of charge. This will allow access to books which is a reason for rejoicing even if you are always broke. Kobo has been loaded with one hundred novels along with the purchase of the gadget.

Other books supported by the Kindle and Kobo

If you need the latest version of Kinsella and Grisham bestseller, keep in mind that getting them form Amazon will be much cheaper than Kobo and will get quite q large number of excellent releases as they have been well priced for your affordability, make a good comparison of any book before you purchase it

Amazon has more restriction that Kobo

Amazon has several restrictions on the downloaded content where you will need more time in converting their files to readable formats especially if you buy them for their well known kindle store. They are downloaded in the form of AZW files; on the other hand, Amazon has restrictions on the Pub file usage. Ironically, quite a number of the free books on the internet are ePub format which means you will need to purchase so as to enjoy the kindle. Kobo has no such restrictions.

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Kindle Free Books

There are several free books on kindle

The top secret to getting free books form Kindle is simple, just conduct the correct search and you will be right. This involves getting to the Amazon main page and entering the keyword “Kindle books”. A long list of the books that are available on Amazon will be offered for you to make a selection from, the next step should be to choose the least price items before you proceed to the free books list. Using “Kindle freebies” as your keyword will also bring out the desired results.

What a Kindle owner needs to understand about free content

The books offered free of charge can be offered at a price the next moment and vice versa, therefore for one to benefit fully from the services, they must be fully updated on the current status of the books. This means you have to get new tricks for the Kindle or else you will end up losing

How to stay updated on which books are free

The simplest way that you should give a try is being an active member in the Kindle discussion groups as they will provide you information hassle free compared to the time that you will waste in trying all those searches which spend a lot of your time. To get permission to participate in the Kindle groups, you may have to register as require by Amazon.

By this day, the content meant for free download in the Amazon kindle is 2,386, this are very few when compared to the whole in store. This means that most of the content is for sale, to access more free books; you may have to visit other sites such as the public domains.

Where to get free updated lists of free books

Searching the kindle community discussions is one of the main ways that you can get to identify which books are free. This community is easy to find, by simply going to the Amazon search page and conducting a search for kindle freebies that sell best, keep in mind that the list is updated constantly, stay updated and alert.

Try to search for the current and consistent groups as they are usually temporary while some are outdated and may mislead you totally, otherwise you will be totally mislead. In addition to this, note that some of the tips offered on fee books may work or not while others may be browser specific and may not work for your application. The groups will offer you various ways on how to go about it.

On the overall, the users outside the US may not access the free books

Even if the charge may be fair, the ones who use the international kindle version (kindle users living outside United States) have to pay for all downloads and this implies that they will not enjoy the free books after all, be prepared for this if you reside outside the United States. This discrimination has been heavily criticized by the users of international version of kindle but no step has been taken yet to address their complaints.

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How to buy kindle in Canada

Definition of Kindle

Kindle is an e-book accessing terminal technology that helps learners and scholars to have in depth search and access to knowledge over the internet. Due to current global trends in learning and research, the Kindle of Amazon has made a move to serve its clients and customers beyond Canadian boarders. This strategy has promised Canadians seeking to pick up e-reader, ought not to wait any longer.

Kindle’s history

Kindle was not available outside the United States before October, 2009. However, the technology was introduced in Canada at around November, 2009 when Amazon started offering it using its global site. This was made possible by Amazon’s AT and T services technology. The technology commonly referred to as Whispernet that enabled worldwide access to e -books.

Tips on buying kindle.

Since kindle is not available in any other retailers, Canadians who seek to purchase the kindle are advised to buy it on Amazon’s international site rather than the Canadian websites. This because, a number of companies have already given a trial to delivering quality content through a bundled browser of kindles.

Steps in purchaseof a Kindle.

Anybody seeking to buy the kindle e-reader can do so using a Canadian credit card and then upload it to the Canadian address. A 3G wireless technology remains free of charge, even though the pool of topics accessible is restricted but growing. This is because Amazon is making deals on a country- to-country basis with publishers. In addition, kindle books, newspapers and magazines are dollar priced which can incur a premium if purchased with a Canadian currency credit card.

Kindle in Canada.

Since February, 2012, Amazon has been shipping kindle touch to Canada, eliminating unnecessary long wait. While it was possible to buy it from other sources before, the price was extremely unreasonable, especially if compared to website. Before on the display, were Kindle Keyboard 3G, kindle DX and the new Kindle Wi- Fi 6”, the Kindle Touch and Fire was the ultimate target. With the advent of international shipping of Kindle Touch, there is surety that the Kindle Fire will also get into the international market very soon.

Types of Kindle available in Canada.

All versions of Kindle in Canada use an e-Ink technology that is capable to eliminate glare from its screen, downloads fast, have long-life battery, performs text-to-speech, they are as slim as an ordinary magazine and they are lightweight.

1. The New Kindle Wi-Fi – This kind has the same features as the original Kindle but with added Wi-Fi connectivity and a two-month battery life.

2. Kindle Touch 3G/Wi-Fi- This model uses technology that other versions have only with added technology of infrared touch.

3. Kindle Keyboard 3G- The Kindle 3G in addition to its Wi-Fi connection, uses mobile Global Positioning System (GPS) network technology to download and buy e-materials from any time, from any point where GPS signal is available.

4. The Kindle DX- it is the most expensive version of Kindle because it features e-Ink pearl technology, has larger screen and an accelerometer that enables it to display the screen in either portrait format or landscape formats depending on how you hold it or turn it around

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